I love sports. I love playing, watching, and analyzing. My wife would tell you that, if she let me, I would watch every single football game played on a weekend. Before her, I did! It was probably obsessive.

Favorites Sports

My favorite sport is football. Thankfully, I can, and still do, play…flag football, that is. I have been playing through Circle City Athletics since the fall of 2013. Our team “The B-Team” has come a long way. We have a high powered offense (haha!). When I’m not playing football, I love watching it, specifically the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, the Indianapolis Colts, and some of my favorite players like Odel Beckham Jr. and Julio Jones. I’ve grown to become a huge fan of players from playing “fantasy” sports.¬†Whether it’s season-long, or daily, fantasy football is a big part of every fall for me.

My second favorite sport is basketball. I love rooting for my alma mater, the Butler Bulldogs. My all time favorite basketball player is Michael Jordan. Fun fact: I own 48 unique Michael Jordan trading cards.

I also love golf. There aren’t too many places I would rather be during a spring, summer, or fall night. Golfing takes me to a happy place (usually). There is something about being outdoors, playing some music, drinking a beer, and hitting a little white ball around that is wonderfully therapeutic (again, usually).

In addition to football, basketball, and golf, I also enjoy badminton, dodge ball, volleyball, and tennis.