Hopefully, the quotes around the title queued up the 1979 hit “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge in your mind. What a great song. If you watch the Youtube video, the dancing in it is pretty fantastic as well.

Growing Up

I won the lottery. This is how I feel now that I’ve reached a point in my life where I can appreciate how lucky I am to have been born into such a loving and supportive family. I have two incredible parents, Greg and Jenni, who will celebrate 34 years of marriage in March of 2017. They met while attending Ball State University. Keeping the musical theme to this post, rumor has it that first time my dad asked for my mom’s number she gave him the number 867-5309. Ring a bell? My dad was persistent, and eventually got my mom’s real number. As they say, the rest is history. My parents moved back to my father’s hometown, Bremen, IN, from Denver, CO in 1986. They lived in the home I grew up in for thirty years until recently downsizing to a new home in a neighborhood in Bremen called “Parkview”.

The Siblings

My two sisters, Kiley and Megan, made sure there was never a dull moment in the Miller household growing up. Kiley is four years young than me (25). She is a Butler University (bachelors) and IU Bloomington (masters) graduate. She currently works in a Wayne Township  preschool as a speech pathologist. Kiley loves to work out, and is an avid runner. Check out her blog!

Megan is a recent graduate of Bremen High School. Currently, she is attending Southwestern Michigan College where she is studying criminal justice. Megan joined our family through unique circumstances, but she is very much our sister. She loves to help people, and hopes to do so in her career by being a police officer or 911 operator.

Empire State of Mind

My wife, Kathleen, and I were married in the summer of 2013. In what can only be described as an “act of God,” we met each other while in graduate school in New York City. Believe it or not, we were enrolled in the same graduate program, were placed in the same residence hall (Harmony Hall on 110th and Broadway), and our rooms were within an arm’s length of each other. It was meant to be!

Kathleen and I dated “long distance” for a year. When we met, Kathleen was teaching in Charlotte, NC. Kathleen received a fellowship that afforded her the opportunity to become an Assistant Principal in Indianapolis Public Schools. She likes to tell people she would “never move for a boy”! She moved to Indy in the fall of 2012. We were engaged in December of 2012, and then married on July 6, 2013.

We reside in South Broad Ripple with our three-year old mini-labradoodle, “Bremen” (Kathleen’s idea!). Kathleen is the Principal of Indianapolis Public Schools Center for Inquiry: School 84. We love our neighborhood and are incredibly happy to live in a part of the city where we can “work” and “play”.